Jerom Fischer Filmmaker

Short dance film Duet explores humanity’s entanglement and relationship with systems: they can numb you, set you free, enable progression or slow you down. The choreography created by Camilla Bundel explores the contrasting relationship of fluid organic movements with a rigid, systemic environment.

Duet is a collaboration between Boris Acket, Lumus instruments and Jerom Fischer. The project came to life when light artists Lumus Instruments created a massive modular light system right before the pandemic hit. Left without work but with enough time to experiment, they teamed up with filmmaker Jerom Fischer and audiovisual artist Boris Acket to see if they could use the installation in some other way.

The project was shaped into a short film that expresses the conditions and challenges the artists faced during the time of making, seeking creative freedom in a time of constraint.

The music is composed together with modular synthesist & cellist Maarten Vos and was shot with DP Thomas Fibbe.

& performance
camilla bundel

director / editor
grading / producer
jerom fischer

director / sounddesign
boris acket

concept / scenography
light installation / creative coding
lumus instruments

director of photography
thomas fibbe

maarten vos

stichting ndsm loods

supported by

thank you
stichting ndsm loods
hilda de jong
gerke de groot
julian enequist
simone smelt