Jerom Fischer Filmmaker

In 2022, I was asked by Afrojack to create a batch of images to be used by his VJ team during his live shows. All I knew then was that it had to be weird. We created a concept that featured 7 fictitious cults, each with their own wardrobe, belief system and objects of worship. 

While filming in our black box studio we were amazed by how crazy good everything looked, mostly because of all the hard work put in by the crew and amazing cast, and I knew then that I wanted to create something more from these images. 

So: during the past 2 months I’ve created 7 short art-films about these cults. Seven 1-minute peeks into the rituals of each group. These films will be released at an exhibition in the near future! So stay tuned. 


Creative Studio: GAIIA @gaiiagaiia

Thanks to: @afrojack

Director: Jerom Fischer @jeromfischer

Producer: Frits van de Clips @fritsvandeclips

Styling & Art Direction: Elsemarijn Bruys @elsemarijnbruys

DP: Thomas Fibbe @thomasfibbe

Production Design: Joris Hendrikse @joris.hendrikse

Music & Sound Design: Guy Wampa Wood @guy_wampa_wood

Montage: Jerom Fischer

Choreography Director: Linda van den Hul @linda.vdh

Choreography: Sjoukje van den Hul

Movement Direction: Tamara Arruti @tamaraarruti

Casting: The Movers Amsterdam

MUAH: Giana Alfons @gianasamira_

MUAH assistent: Björn Mohamadmoesman @bjornmoesman

Steadicam: Kevin Vidal @kevinvidal1

First AC: Paco Kumar @pacokumar

Gaffer: Reinout Bakker @errabakker

Styling Assistant: Philippa Driest @flipdriest

Styling Assistant: Wenda Harmsen

Art Assistant: Friso Hendrikse @frisohendrikse

Best Boy: Ravi Piccolo @ravipiccolo

Electrician: Jeroen de Jong

Electrician: Ayke Govaart @ayke_govaart

Electrician: Niels Stoeltie

Artwork on set: JEEJ @withjeej

VFX: Jerom Fischer

Grading: Jerom Fischer & Thomas Fibbe

The Movers:

Reggy Deekman @deekmanreggy

Andrew Sylveste @drewsouls

Darion Thompson @80sdope

Dance Studio Bennekom:

Josephine Leijdens @josephineleijdens

Senna Danique @daniquesingerling

Tamara Hans @tamarahans

Mirte Oskam @mirte_oskam

Rosan Else @rosanwien

Zoë Bronnewasser @zoe.bronnewasser

Maureen van Dael @maureenvandael


Nazeli Kouki @nazkouki

Issa van Bijnen

Rose Barendsen @rosebarendsen

Zoï Huizing @zoihuizing

Denilson Jason Baptist @johnjasonish

Cat de Win @catdewin

Deniz Mollen @denizmollen