Jerom Fischer Filmmaker

Behind the scenes:

you[see]me tells the story of a young woman's departure. Her interaction with the person across from her is experienced through their own visual language (quite literally). Although her journey is inevitable, there is a lot to say. They will have to let their eyes speak.

you[see]me was filmed using a custom light installation built specifically for this film. The installation is made out of a heavy steel frame spanning 1,5m diagonally. It holds 265 individually controlled light bulbs around a small hole that fits the lens of the camera, essentially creating the world's most complex ring-light.


youandi albertzoon
noël stuart

directed by
jerom fischer & boris acket

concept | light installation design | light animation | sound design
boris acket

concept | direction | montage | grading | title animation
jerom fischer

director of photography
pieter colombijn

make up artist
hilda de jong

natalie de koning

production assistant
melike fischer

light installation frame
sjors varkevisser

behind the scenes
asaph cleto

max schäder | klaproos amsterdam

many thanks to
niels kruyt | enjy
koen olthuis | lites
max maloney | maloney